The bottled teas you see in stores are not as fresh as when they were first bottled. By the time you drink these other teas they will have lost a majority of their nutritional value because of damaging influences such as exposure to UV light, oxidation, and time on shelf. Vessl™ changes all of that.


What’s a Vessl™?

Vessl™ is a nitrogen-pressurized storage and delivery system that preserves active ingredients and fresh taste from harmful environmental factors. The patented Vessl™ closure and delivery system is what separates Tea of a Kind from other bottled teas on the shelf because we can deliver tea as fresh as the day it was brewed with a simple twist of our cap.

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How Does the Vessl™ Work?

We start with real tea and brew it into a concentrated elixir of perfectly balanced flavors. In an aseptic facility, we add our tea into the Vessl™ closure and purge the oxygen to replace it with nitrogen. We do this to protect the tea from oxidation first and foremost, which also allows us toprotect our tea from other harmful factors such as UV light. Thanks to this process, we are able to preserve our tea and its powerful antioxidants without the use of chemical preservatives.

The Vessl™ chamber, once pressurized, filled and activated, fires the fresh brewed tea into the bottle of purified water using up to 120 PSI of nitrogen pressure – explosively mixing the content for immediate consumption.

With a twist of the cap, you brew your own bottle of tea, complete with all the healthy benefits and freshness you would find in a home-brewed cup.

Why is this Important to Me?

From the moment tea is brewed, it begins to lose its nutritional value due to environmental factors like oxygen and UV light. TOAK provides a ready-to-drink option that satisfies your thirst while rewarding your mind and body.

If you want to avoid chemical preservatives and overly sweet drinks, and want a great tasting bottle of iced tea, TOAK is the tea for you and your family.